Why Black Diamonds are Different than other Diamonds?

You all have heard of pink, yellow, and as usual colorless diamonds, but have you ever heard of a black diamond? How many of you are familiar with the term of black diamonds? Well, if you don't, then let this article help you. Black diamond is one of the less expensive and rarest items in the diamond world. It is different than others. Why? Let’s find out in detail.

Why Black Diamonds are Unique?

Diamonds are as a usual expensive and rare element on the earth. There are many types of it such as blue, pink, yellow, green, black, etc. Among these black type is way too rare. The natural black diamonds are the rarest element in the diamond list. For lack of massive carbon explosion, natural diamonds are about to extinct. So, scientists create diamonds in their lab. As a diamond jewelry lover, you can wear lab created diamond earrings, if you can't afford the natural ones.

The demand for a black diamond is way too much. So, you can find a lab-made black item in the market too. As an investor, you should put money on an item that has maximum supply and Lab created diamonds Manchester has a good investment plan.

Different visuals

Black diamonds are ten times more attractive than other types. The outlook is amazing and gorgeous. Other types shine and reflect the light but the black type doesn't do that. Instead of reflection, it shines more when it hit the sunlight.

Different grading report

Diamond has a grading scale which is called 4c. Those are cut, color, clarity, and carat. Like other transparent diamonds, this type doesn't satisfy the chart. Because the color is different than other types, it doesn't satisfy the cut and color grade.

Hard to find

As we all know natural diamonds are hard to find but black ones are rarest. The natural black item is almost lost now. But comparatively it is cheaper than others.


For the black lover, black diamond jewelry is love. It goes with every fancy dress than the colorless diamond. Nowadays, the colorless item is common, so if you want to be different for a fancy party, try a black diamond.

For people who love to look bold and gorgeous, check the differences before you put money on jewelry.


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